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South Africa Luxury Contemporary Mansion Villa by the waterfront

Located on the waterfront in the charming coastal village of Wilderness in South Africa, The Ocean View is a rentable residential property designed for holiday lets in this picturesque beauty spot.

Spread over three floors, the luxury residence includes 7 separate residences and is largely lit by natural daylighting through copious amounts of glass, with a central patio space affording light into even the lowest levels of the build.

Private sea-facing decks look out across the bay, where occupants can watch an array of local wildlife including dolphins and whales. The south-facing facade has been designed to be as transparent as possible to incorporate these views into the architecture of the villa, ensuring that views of the ocean can be achieved from every room.

Multiple pools are available for use by guests of The Ocean Room, with a communal space on the seafront and a private pool on the northern side reserved exclusively for occupants of the Honeymoon Suite.