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Easy FM's Munene Nyaga’s Home (Photos)

Owning a home is everyone’s objecive as it gives one a sense of security. It just happens that Easy FM’s presenter Munene  Nyaga is one happy fellow after completing his 4 year long project of building a house in Kitengela, a project he admits to have little faith in it in the beginning

According to Daily Nation, Munene Nyaga now has bragging rights after erecting the piece of art he now calls home, on a quaeter piece of land in which he received ridicule after acquiring. Speaking to Daily Nation he said “I had many options, including taking up a mortgage, but the cost of mortgage is unbelievably high. I could have bought a house, but none looked exactly like what I wanted”.

After coming up with th ehouse design on his own and waiting for years to have it completed, Munene who is allegedly single now has a prestigious mansion with 8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 49 metre living room, a huge bar, a semi-circular observatory glass house, and an outdoor balcony. The residence also has an underground water tank that can hold 80,000 litres, and an overhead tank with a capacity of 6,000 litres.

Here are a few photos of the house courtesy of Daily Nation: